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21. September 2011 / Jonk

Übersetzung des Interviews: Neue Infos

Bereits im letzten Artikel habe ich folgendes Interview zu Animal Crossing erwähnt:

Leider ist es auf Japanisch und deshalb für mich unverständlich. Jedoch gibt es jetzt eine englische Übersetzung des Interviews, wodurch wir ein paar neue Details erfahren:

Jungs werden die Möglichkeit haben Röcke zu tragen! Umgekehrt werden natürlich auch Mädchen Hosen tragen können. Dies wurde im letzten Trailer auch schon gezeigt.

Man muss nicht zwingend als Bürgermeister „arbeiten“. Es ist nämlich genauso, wie in den anderen AC-Teilen auch: Man kann selbst entscheiden, was man tut und was man nicht tut.

Es ist bereits bekannt, dass man sein Haus und andere Gebäude frei platzieren kann. Nun ist bestätigt, dass man dies auch mit Bänken, Laternen und anderen Dingen tun kann. Die eigene Stadt kann also ganz nach Belieben eingerichtet und gestaltet werden. Außerdem wird es möglich sein, dass Aussehen des eigenen Hauses, wie zum Beispiel das des Briefkastens, zu verändern. Auch die Möbel kann man personalisieren. So kann man beispielsweise das Muster oder die Farbe ändern.

Die Tiere haben jetzt verschiedene Größen. Vorher waren alle gleich groß, jetzt sind zum Beispiel Bären um einiges größer als Eichhörnchen, was das Spiel wieder einen Tick realistischer macht.

Am Rande der Stadt wird es eine „Ausstellungshalle“ geben, in der Modelle der Häuser von Spielern, denen man per Street Pass begegnet ist, gezeigt werden.

Es folgt die (beinahe) komplette englische Übersetzung des obigen Interviews:

Credits go to Tron232!

Doubutsu no Mori (Animal Crossing’s Japanese name)
Developer gathering

Eguchi Katsuya

Hello, I’m Eguchi, producer of the Animal Crossing series. Today, with the help of three members of the development team, we’re going to be talking a little bit about the 3DS version of Animal Crossing. Thank you all for watching.

It just so happens that I have here comments from fans who’ve played Animal Crossing for Nintendo DS or Wii, submitted through a survey by Club Nintendo.

[Everyone nods]

I was thinking we could go over some of these comments while we introduce the new game. Let’s get started.

Everyone: Okay.

Eguchi: Okay, here’s our first comment:

Q: What’s your favourite way to play the ‚Animal Crossing‘ series?
A: I like to lazily interact with the animals who live in the village, and go about my business in the village at my own pace. I think the daily routines have a realistic feel to them that’s good.
-39 years old, male

Eguchi: In my opinion, the idea of letting the user enjoy the game at their own pace doesn’t change with the 3DS version, but I’d like to have you introduce some of the new features of the game. Let’s start with our Director Kyoukyoku-san.

Kyoukyoku Aya

Kyoukyoku: This time, as a new element for the 3DS version, the player becomes the village’s chief, with control over the development of the town and the ability to shape it as they like.

Upper right note: The images and video shown are currently in development.
Note below: While the video shown is displayed in 2D, the final product will be playable in 3D.
Rainy: Huh? You wouldn’t happen to be the new village chief, would you? Nice to meet you, I’m Rainy. Let’s all have fun together!

Kyoukyoku: Of course how much control you take is up to you.

[subtitle: Become the village chief and manage the village]

Eguchi: Ahh, I see, so it doesn’t mean you have to lead an incredibly serious existence. You can choose to put a lot of effort in, but you aren’t required to. Becoming the village chief doesn’t change that.

Kyoukyoku: Yes. We’re hoping experienced players will enjoy is as a refreshing new experience.

Q: What’s your favourite way to play the ‚Animal Crossing‘ series?
A: I like wandering around without any particular purpose, spending time catching bugs and fish and talking to the villagers. I also look forward to going to the shop every day to buy clothing.
-18 years old, female

Eguchi: Within Animal Crossing, there’s a large variety of clothing designs available. Of course we’ll have even more designs this time, but we’ve also changed the production of designs, so let’s have designer Takahashi-san tell us a little about this.

Design Leader
Takahashi Kouji

[subtitle: Enjoy having freedom to develop your own style]

Takahashi: Yes. Well, this time we’ve made it so tops and bottoms can be chosen separately, so female players will be able to wear pants, and male players will- ah!

[everyone laughs]

Takahashi and Kyoukyoku: s-skirt?!

Eguchi: Can they wear them? I guess they can, right?

Takahashi: Yes, they can.

Eguchi: They can wear whatever they like, then.

Takahashi: Also, up until now there’s only been a couple of basic character models, but this time we’ve tried to design a few more character models that are better suited for fashionable clothes.

The top model is the new version, the bottom model is the previous version

Q: What’s your favourite way to play the ‚Animal Crossing‘ series?
A: Being able to make discoveries in other peoples‘ villages.
-15 years old, male

Eguchi: This is probably talking about exploring using a wireless connection. When you go explore another player’s village, you often find that a different village allows for a different style of play. This is something we’ll find again in the new version, right?

Kyoukyoku: The 3DS will again be a mobile device, so two people who both have 3DSes can meet, for example in a place like this, and play together. We want to encourage players to play together actively, and since the player will be the village chief they can create a bench or a street lamp, etc. and by arranging these kinds of things around the village the player can make their village look nice and make it uniquely their own.

[subtitle: developing a unique village]

Eguchi: What about the setup of the village itself?

Takahashi: It’s changed a little. The beach is wider, when you pass the railroad tracks the shopping area becomes larger, and you can run around the beach with your shoes off.

Eguchi: Oh! I’m the producer and even I didn’t know that part. I’d like to try that.

Q: What do you like about the ‚Animal Crossing‘ software series?
A: There are so many varieties of cute animals.
-26 years old, female

Eguchi: We’ll have the same kinds of characters appearing in the 3DS version. There is one new part I’d like Takahashi-san to introduce though.

Takahashi: Yes. Since we’ve changed the models for the characters, we decided to re-evaluate the models for the animals as well. The idea was to make small animals small and big animals big, so squirrels are at the smaller end and bears are at the larger end. This gives some variation when different animals are seen side by side.

illustration: top is new models, bottom is old.

Garigari: Welcome! Mosakichi kun was just here to play!

Eguchi: It helps bring attention to an animal’s cuteness or strength.

Takahashi: That’s right.

Eguchi: It gives them a nice neat look. This time around, there’s a new character who’ll be making an appearance, isn’t there?

Takahashi: Yes, there is. This time, since the player holds the position of village chief, we’ve created a secretary-chan to support you in your role.

[subtitle: a secretary will appear to support the village chief]

Everyone: secretary-chan? (laughing)

Kyoukyoku and Takahashi: Shizu-chan.

Eguchi: Ahh, she’s called Shizu-chan?

Takahashi: Yes. She’ll support you in various ways, and we’re hoping that the player will enjoy their interactions with her.

Kyoukyoku: She’s a little scatterbrained, so it’s hard to say if she’ll do a good job supporting you or not. (laughing)

Eguchi: What, really? (everyone laughs)

Q: What’s your favourite way to play the ‚Animal Crossing‘ series?
A: I like to spend time building my room using my favourite furniture.
-18 years old, female

Eguchi: Animal Crossing has offered a lot of variety in furniture as well. For the 3DS version, in addition to increasing the number of designs, we’ve added one more innovation that I’d like you to introduce.

Takahashi: By taking furniture you’ve acquired to the workshop, you can have it customized, for example having the cushions on your sofa made into a heart design.

Eguchi: It’s also been made so that you can change the look of your house itself, hasn’t it?

Kyoukyoku: Yes, it has. Before the player was able to change the colour of pictures, but this time they’ll be able to change the colour of the outer walls, the design of their mailbox, and so on.
Also, as a new feature for the 3DS game using Streetpass, there will be an exhibition hall on the edge of town where, the houses of people you pass by will be added to the hall as model houses, changing over time.

Eguchi: Up until now, players have only been able to do this with friends and acquaintances, but now you’ll be able to take a peak at the houses of strangers as well.

[subtitle: the houses of people you pass enter your exhibition hall]

Kyoukyoku: Yes, that’s right.

Eguchi: That’ll be interesting, won’t it?

Takahashi: kagu no parts jitai ha tsukatteru toka fudousan yatteru basho desu kedo onajimi no tanukichi ha soto wo fudousanya to bleep konkai tonjou shimasu.

Eguchi: He’s changed careers, hasn’t he?

Takahashi: Yes, he has.

Eguchi: I’m looking forward to seeing what kind of real estate agent he’ll be.

Takahashi: Yes.

Tom Nook: Alrighty, is this where you want to build your house?

Q: What do you like about the ‚Animal Crossing‘ software series?
A: I liked being able to relax in my free time. And the music! It’s so soothing.
-47 years old, female

Eguchi: There are quite a lot of people who say they like the Animal Crossing series‘ music.

Todaka: Thank you very much.

Eguchi: Todaka-san is in charge of sound for the Animal Crossing series.

Todaka: Yes.

Sound Director
Todaka Kazumi

Eguchi: For the 3DS version, can you tell us a bit about what your focus is on?

Todaka: Well, as always we’ve made music to help the player enjoy leisurely life in the village. However, in addition to that, as you were mentioning earlier the beach is more prominent than before and the village as a whole has become more spacious. To go along with that, we’ve worked harder this time to give the player a sense of openness and freedom through the music.

Eguchi: It’ll be great to have people actually play the 3DS and hear your music soon, won’t it?

Todaka: Yes, that’s exactly right. I hope everyone’s looking forward to it.

Q: What’s your favourite way to play the ‚Animal Crossing‘ series?
A: I liked Totakeke’s concerts so much that I looked forward to them every week.
-18 years old, female

Eguchi: Yes, Totakeke’s Saturday night concerts every week have become an integral part of the Animal Crossing series,
haven’t they? Well, everyone will have to look forward to the release to see a real concert in Animal Crossing, but to close out today’s interview I’d like to have Todaka-san play a song for us. Would that be okay?

Todaka: Sure, I’ll play a song.

Eguchi: Great.

Animal Crossing

Todaka: This is a new song from Animal Crossing.

Eguchi: Well, there’s still a little time left before the 3DS version of Animal Crossing is released, but hopefully I’ve given you a little bit of new information for now. Please look forward to the release!

Für alle Nicht-Englischsprachler unter euch werde ich in den nächsten Tagen eine deutsche Übersetzung veröffentlichen.

Update: Die deutsche Übersetzung ist online!

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